Alyona Minkovski

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Alyona Minkovski
Alyona Minkovski.png
Born Alyona Leonidovna Minkovski
(1986-01-30) January 30, 1986 (age 31)
Moscow, Soviet Union
Alma mater University of California, Santa Cruz

Alyona Leonidovna Minkovski (Russian: Алёна Леонидовна Миньковская, born 30 January 1986) is a television correspondent and presenter. She was the host of The Alyona Show on the Russia Today (RT) international news network from October 2009 until the final edition of the program aired on July 30, 2012.[1] She currently hosts news shows on HuffPost Live, The Huffington Post's video network.

Life and career[edit]

Born in Moscow, Minkovski was raised in California. She is a daughter of the United Russia politician and figure skater Irina Rodnina and entrepreneur Leonid Minkovski, a Russian Jewish family.[2] At age four, Alyona Minkovski immigrated to the U.S. with her family, who ultimately settled in Lake Arrowhead, California. She graduated with a B.A degree in political science from the University of California, Santa Cruz. After graduation she went to work for RT in its Washington, DC studios as an intern.[3] As a producer in December 2008 she was given an on-air assignment on Inauguration Day in January 2009. After doing a second pilot show, she was tapped to become host of RT's first live show[4] which premiered in October, 2009.[5]

Minkovski was one of the first journalists to speak with Julian Assange, interviewing him about the 12 July 2007 Baghdad airstrike controversy. She has taken a pro-WikiLeaks position and given airtime to hackers who allegedly attacked both American and non-American companies in retaliation for banks that refused to work with WikiLeaks.[6]

On 15 July 2011 Minkovski was interviewed for one hour by Brian Lamb on the C-SPAN Sunday evening Q&A show. She describes her political views as liberal.[7] In 2011 Forbes magazine named her one of the 30 most influential media personalities under the age of 30.[8]

Minkovski joined The Huffington Post's new video network, HuffPost Live, based in Los Angeles and launched August 13, as a host/producer.[9] In July 2013, she was a guest host on The Young Turks show.


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