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AmBX UK LTD (styled as amBX UK LTD) is a British company with bases in Middlesbrough in Teesside and Redhill, Surrey. It owns, develops and licences the internationally patent protected AmBX lighting and coloured LED controlling technology. The company was spun out of Philips in 2008 following a technology development program costing more than €24m. The company supports legacy AmBX-enabled product from Philips and provides (via free download) a software development kit for PC games developers.

Operating in the professional and consumer markets, the company's products encompass the leisure, commercial, domestic, architectural, PC gaming and audio visual sectors.

The company has a hardware product, amBIENT XC (also distributed by Cooper Controls[1] as Cogent LC-AMBX) and has a licensing agreement with Mad Catz[2] to embed its technology in gaming lights and keyboards via their Cyborg brand.

Support for the AmBX technology and installed user base is provided via an AmBX wiki[3] and a forum.[4]


  • 2001 First of multiple IP patents lodged for AmBX technology via Philips research projects.
  • 2005 AmBX technology officially announced via Philips.
  • 2006 First AmBX enabled games released.
  • 2007 AmBX enabled peripherals become available.
  • 2008 AmBX UK LTD business and technology spins out of Philips.
  • 2009 AmBX UK LTD partners with Sony and receives a tools & middleware license.
  • 2009 AmBX UK LTD releases free SDK via download.
  • 2010 AmBX UK LTD launches professional amBIENT XC controller with DMX512 interface.
  • 2010 AmBX UK LTD partners with Mad Catz to produce AmBX enabled PC gaming lights and keyboards.
  • 2011 Extra Vegetables produces Control4 app for the amBIENT XC.
  • 2011 Mad Catz amBX enabled Cyborg Gaming LIghts released to UK, USA, French and German markets.
  • 2011 First amBX controlled permanent LED lit event venue installed(8 Northumberand, in central London).


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