Am Ende der Distanz

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Am Ende der Distanz (At the End of Distance) is a 2005 German machinima film made by David Riedel using Lionhead Studios' 2005 business simulation game The Movies.[1]


Am Ende der Distanz centers on a man who roams the street night after night. Hidden under his hat and rain jacket he strives for one goal: to find the culprit- the one whom he can make responsible for his suffering. If he wanted to, he could confront him, but he lacks the audacity to do so. He considers suicide, but his courage fails him once again. The options do not appear to present him with a way out and would not personally satisfy him.

Finley blames not himself, but only others. In this case he looks to his girlfriend, Violet. He drowns Violet in the bath whilst giving her a massage, which had become a common ritual for them. On one hand he does this out of malice, on the other to be close to her just one more time. Through this action he wishes to break the growing distance he has come to feel between them, though the actual outcome is the infliction of the greatest possible loneliness, as he turns into a monster. Finley only realises with hindsight that his misdeeds far surpass those of Violet.


The film won the award for Realtime Machinima at the 11th International Conference on Animation, Effects, Realtime, and Content,[2] was nominated for Best Off-the-Shelf Machinima in 2006 by the Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences,[3] and for Bitfilm Festival 2006's Hamburg Machinima Award.[4]