Am I a Psycho?

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"Am I a Psycho?"
Single by Tech N9ne featuring Hopsin and B.o.B
from the album All 6's and 7's
Released January 22, 2012
Format Digital download
Recorded 2011
Genre Horrorcore[1]
Length 3:28
Label Strange Music
Writer(s) Aaron Dontez Yates, Marcus Hopson, Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr.
Producer(s) B.o.B
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Music video
"Am I A Psycho?" on YouTube

"Am I a Psycho?" is a song by Midwest rapper Tech N9ne, from his 11th studio album All 6's and 7's which features rappers Hopsin and B.o.B. In the song, each rapper says a verse that's based on the concept of insanity.



Tech N9ne was supposed to be featured on B.o.B's mixtape; B.o.B wanted to do a song with Tech for his mixtape, "No Genres", but was unable to get hold of him. Eventually the two did meet and B.o.B gave Tech a beat, which would end up being used for the song.[2] Hopsin, who was featured on the record, claims that he feels this song was his mainstream debut.[3] B.o.B was the first to record his verse, after he finished, Tech N9ne sent the track over to Hopsin, who recorded his verse afterwards.[4]

Lyrics & Composition[edit]

Each rapper has a different lyrical topic based on the song's main concept, insanity. Tech N9ne's verse revolves around a BDSM fantasy, caused by confusion thinking that a regular woman's a hooker. Hopsin's verse is more aimed towards insanity, claiming that Heaven is to blame if he goes to Hell. He also mentions the likelihood of becoming a successful rapper standing against so many other people. He closes his verse by claiming that he has no remorse for his self-injuries. B.o.B's verse follows. It has been assumed that the verse is a response to OFWGKTA frontman Tyler, The Creator, who dissed B.o.B in his song "Yonkers", after the former's previous diss "No Future" got praise from Tyler.[5] However B.o.B claims that he has no interest in feuding with Tyler saying "the whole beef thing is kinda lame".[6]

Music Video[edit]

Plot & Development[edit]

While performing on the Lost Cities Tour, Tech N9ne announced at a concert that B.o.B, Hopsin, and himself would be shooting a music video for the song on November 29, 2011[7] The video was shot in Atlanta, which is where B.o.B is from. The music video premiered on MTV2's "Sucker Free Sunday" on January 22. Tech N9ne encouraged all of his fans to tune in to "be participating in the shift Strange Music has been thriving for since it began".[8] Based on traditional slasher films, the music video depicts two people tied together, Tech N9ne, dressed as Michael Myers, scares them while performing his verse. Hopsin then walks to the house with a chainsaw, dressed as Jason Voorhees. After arriving at the house, he assists Tech in scaring the two people. Meanwhile, B.o.B, dressed as Norman Bates, is seen throughout the video freaking out in a room. When his verse starts, he proceeds down the stairs and watches as Hopsin and Tech N9ne scare the people. During the chorus, Tech N9ne can be seen standing outside the house without his mask on.


The music video received a lot of attention from networks, often being called a horror movie-music video hybrid.[9] David Greenwald of MTV called it a "sequel" to "Martians vs. Goblins", another popular horror-influenced music video at the time.[10]


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