Amabilis of Riom

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Saint Amabilis redirects here. There is a female saint (also known as Saint Mable) with this name who died in 634 AD; she was the daughter of an Anglo-Saxon king and became a nun at Saint-Amand monastery, Rouen. Her feast day is July 11.
Saint Amabilis
Saint Amable of Riom. Coloured line block. Wellcome V0033408.jpg
Died 475 AD
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast November 1; October 18[1]
Attributes bishop listening to an angel playing music[2]
Patronage invoked against fire, snakes and snake bites;[3] also invoked against demonic possession, mental illness, poison, wild beasts; Auvergne; Riom[2]

Saint Amabilis of Riom (or Amabilis of Auvergne) (French: Saint Amable, Italian: Sant'Amabile) was a French saint. Sidonius Apollinaris brought Amabilis to serve at Clermont.[4]

He served as a cantor in the church of Saint Mary at Clermont and as a precentor at the cathedral of Clermont and then as a parish priest in Riom. He acquired a reputation for holiness in his lifetime.


La basilique Saint Amable, Riom.

Riom grew up around the collegiate church of Saint Amable, which was the object of pilgrimages.