Amable du Fond River

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Amable du Fond
Eau Claire Gorge.jpg
Eau Claire Gorge
Country Canada
Province Ontario
District Nipissing District
Source Pipe Lake
 - elevation 407 m (1,335 ft)
 - coordinates 45°54′03″N 79°05′36″W / 45.90083°N 79.09333°W / 45.90083; -79.09333
Mouth Mattawa River
 - location Calvin, Ontario
 - elevation 161 m (528 ft)
 - coordinates 46°18′04″N 78°52′44″W / 46.30111°N 78.87889°W / 46.30111; -78.87889Coordinates: 46°18′04″N 78°52′44″W / 46.30111°N 78.87889°W / 46.30111; -78.87889
Length 84 km (52 mi)
Location of the mouth of the Amable du Fond River in Ontario

The Amable du Fond River is a river in Nipissing District, in the Northern Ontario portion of Ontario, Canada. It flows from Pipe Lake through Kawawaymog, North Tea, Manitou and Kioshkokwi Lakes in northwestern Algonquin Park to join the Mattawa River on the Calvin, Ontario side of Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park.[1][2] It is 84 kilometres (52 mi) long and drops 246 metres (800 ft) over its course.[2]

The river is named after a native hunter and trapper who lived in this area in the mid-19th century.[3] At one time, the river was used to transport logs downstream to the Mattawa River. A timber slide was built to bypass the rapids at the Eau Claire Gorge.[4]

Many canoe trippers use the river as an access point to enter Algonquin Park. The park has an access point located on Kawawaymog (Round Lake), from the access point it is just a short paddle and portage into Algonquin Provincial Park.[2] Amable du Fond River Provincial Park was proposed in 2002 to establish an ecological link between Algonquin Provincial Park and Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park.[5]

Amable du Fond river between Kioshkokwi and Manitou Lakes (Edit: Inaccurate location, there is no location like this between these two lakes, please correct) in late August (very little water)

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