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Amadeus is a theophoric given name derived from the Latin words ama – the imperative of the word amare ('to love') – and deus (god). As a linguistic compound in the form of a phereoikos, it means "Love god!". The German-language equivalent is "Gottlieb'; Slavic versions include "Bogumil" and "Bohumil". Other related names are the female form, "Amadea", the French "Amédée" (male), the Spanish "Amadeo", the Italian "Amedeo", and "Amadis". In contrast, the Greek name "Theophilos" means "friend of God".

Related to Mozart[edit]

The best-known bearer of the name is the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Many of the following are derived directly or indirectly from Mozart's name:

Art, entertainment, and media
Brands, enterprises, and organizations
  • Amadeus, a database of financial and business information on Europe's biggest 510,000 public and private firms, developed by Bureau van Dijk
  • Amadeus CRS, computer reservation system used by airlines and travel agencies
  • Amadeus Institute, think tank based in Morocco
  • Amadeus IT Group, transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry which owns Amadeus CRS


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