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Amadeus Institute
Institut Amadeus
معهد أماديوس
Founder(s)Brahim Fassi Fihri
PresidentBrahim Fassi Fihri
Address6, rue Annassime, Sect 9 bloc I, Hay Riad 10100

Amadeus Institute is a think tank and policy organization based in Morocco and founded by Brahim Fassi Fihri. The organization produces research and analysis on strategic issues concerning Morocco, North Africa and Middle East, the Mediterranean region, Africa and the South.

The Amadeus Institute is an independent Moroccan think tank, founded in 2008 and based in Rabat. It came to life in order to contribute to the Moroccan and Maghreban public debate. It also acts as the Voice of the South to communicate its vision and concerns at the global level.

The Amadeus institute has a double role: analysis and creating debates. It operates as a laboratory of ideas and a unique creator of debates. It is at the same time a centre of reflection, dialogue proposition and consultancy, but also a platform of exchanges, meetings and North-South and South-South cooperation.

There is a synergy between the Institute’s various activities, mainly between its Center of Analyses and Publications and its events/conferences.


  • Promote the interaction and debate between governments, private sectors, civil society and future decision makers to inform civil societies
  • Participate in the economic, social and cultural development of Morocco, Africa and the South.
  • Analyze the major trends that will affect the bilateral and multilateral relations of Morocco and the South.
  • Produce concrete and operative recommendations on strategic issues with a Moroccan, South Mediterranean and African perspectives of the main challenges.
  • Strengthen the international image of Morocco, the Maghreb region and Africa through lobbying.


The annual forum MEDays brings together policy and economic leaders from the world and particularly from the EMEA and Africa regions :

  • Annual international forum hosted by the city of Tangier.
  • Southern forum, organized by the South and largely funded by the South.
  • Community of high-level stakeholders : heads of state and government, policy makers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, representatives of international organizations and civil society, experts, etc..
  • 3 days of debates around everyday geopolitical, economical, social, environmental and cultural topics.
  • Space for dialogue, co-decision and co-management between North-South-South.
  • A commitment, Tangier Annual Declaration, to follow-up recommendations extracted from debates


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