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Emily Amadhia Albee (previously under the stage-/pen-names, Timothy Albee and then Amadhi Albee) is the creator of Kaze, Ghost Warrior, which she made when she was credited as Timothy Albee. Amadhia needed six months to complete the 22 minute short film, using two computers. She also published a book on the process she used.


Timothy Albee[edit]

Amadhia Albee was born in Michigan and raised in a very small farming community. She bought her first computer when she was 10 years old (Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer) from saving a year's worth of can/bottle refunds. She started college at a state university, and then went to College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, but left shortly thereafter due to her disappointment with the faculty's inability to teach her what she wanted to learn. She apprenticed to a flute-master in Virginia for a while, learning to make bamboo flutes, then traveled the Renaissance Faire circuit where she worked as a bard, juggler, sleight-of-hand artist, "martial-arts juggler," swordswoman and various and sundry other very odd jobs.

Living in California in 1991, she worked as a professional musician focusing mainly on folk and classical harp. She was hired to do sound production for a small music label where she was first exposed to the Video Toaster. After a few years in California, she took a sabbatical, returning to Michigan to finish her degree.

She started working for a company to which Disney Interactive was outsourcing its Animated Storybooks and got back into animation. Then she went back to California to be lead animator on Activision's Apocalypse. She then went on to work on the science fiction television series Babylon 5, and then to Walt Disney Feature Animation to work on the feature film Dinosaur. After WDFA, she formed Exile Films, which was rolled into Studio Mythos when offshore investors took over, leading the studio in a completely contrary direction. Securing the company a gig to fulfill her obligations, she left everything associated with Mythos and drove north. She started working on the next episode in the Kaze, Ghost Warrior series and was hired on to animate the Cylon Centurions for the third season of the Battlestar Galactica television series.

Amadhia Albee[edit]

On November 27, 2012, Timothy Albee, who had already worked under the name, Amadhi Albee and announced herself as genderqueer in identity, had revealed that, since at least 2009,[1] she was a woman named Amadhia Albee, and describing Timothy as her "spiritual twin brother" and a persona she had "created" long ago.[2] She announced that she was continuing work on the Kaze, Ghost Warrior storyline, which had been for years delayed.


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