Amadiya District

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Amadiya District
قضاء العمادية
قەزای ئامێدی
Dihok governorate 2012.png
Location of Amadiya in Iraq
Coordinates (Amadiya): 37°05′33″N 43°29′14″E / 37.09250°N 43.48722°E / 37.09250; 43.48722Coordinates: 37°05′33″N 43°29′14″E / 37.09250°N 43.48722°E / 37.09250; 43.48722
Country  Iraq
Region  Iraqi Kurdistan
Governorate Dohuk
Seat Amadiya
Time zone AST (UTC+3)
Area code +964 62

Amadiya District (Central Kurdish: قەزای ئامێدی‎, translit. qezayê Amêdî, Arabic: قضاء العمادية‎, translit. qaḍāʾ al-Emadiyah‎) is a district in northern central Dohuk Governorate within the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq. Administrative center is the city of Amadiya.


The district has four sub-districts:



30% being Assyrian and 70% being Kurds as of 2012.

Districts of Dohuk Governorate
(as of 2012)