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Amadnews (Persian: آمدنیوز Acronym for Agahi "awareness", Mobareze "fighting", Democracy) is an Iranian news website and Telegram channel. Its chief editor was Ruhollah Zam, it was founded by him, Sam Mahmoudi, Majid Niknam and Babak Ejlali.

From 2015 to 2019 Sam Mahmoudi was the media's editor.[1]


Some major stories reported by Amadnews include

Telegram channel suspension[edit]

Following request by Iranian government Telegram suspended Amadnews for violence and advertising use of Cocktail Molotov against police during 2017–2018 Iranian protests. The channel was recreated under another ID "sedaiemardom".[4]

Admin arrest and execution[edit]

In October 2019 Ruhollah Zam was arrested by IRGC Intelligence in Iraq and extradited to Iran. He was executed December 2020. The IRGC took control of the Telegram channel.[5][6]


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