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The Amagasaki Domain (尼崎藩, Amagasaki-han) was a feudal domain of Japan during the Edo period. It had its administrative headquarters at Amagasaki Castle. The domain extended over parts of Settsu Province that correspond to portions of the cities of Amagasaki, Nishinomiya, Ashiya, Kobe, Itami, and Takarazuka, in modern-day Hyōgo Prefecture.

The domain was established in 1615 as a reward to Takebe Masanaga for his military contributions during the Siege of Osaka. Thirteen daimyōs ruled Amagasaki. Initially rated at 10,000 koku, it reached a peak of 54,000 before being split with a share going to a collateral family.


  1. Takebe Masanaga (tozama)
  2. Toda Ujikane (fudai)
  3. Aoyama Yoshinari (fudai)
  4. Aoyama Yoshitoshi (fudai)
  5. Aoyama Yoshimasa (fudai)
  6. Aoyama Yoshihide (fudai)
  7. Matsudaira (Sakurai) Tadataka
  8. Matsudaira (Sakurai) Tadaakira (fudai)
  9. Matsudaira (Sakurai) Tadatsugu (fudai)
  10. Matsudaira (Sakurai) Tadatomi (fudai)
  11. Matsudaira (Sakurai) Tadanori (fudai)
  12. Matsudaira (Sakurai) Tadanaga (fudai)
  13. Matsudaira (Sakurai) Tadaoki (fudai)


This article incorporates material from 尼崎藩 (Amagasaki-han) in the Japanese Wikipedia, retrieved October 4, 2007.