Amager Hospital

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Amager Hospital
The Capital Region (Denmark)
Region hovedstaden coa.jpg
Location Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark
Coordinates 55°39′17.63″N 12°37′13.48″E / 55.6548972°N 12.6204111°E / 55.6548972; 12.6204111Coordinates: 55°39′17.63″N 12°37′13.48″E / 55.6548972°N 12.6204111°E / 55.6548972; 12.6204111
Funding Government hospital
Hospital type Teaching
Affiliated university University of Copenhagen
Emergency department Yes
Helipad No
Founded April 1, 1997

Amager Hospital is located in Denmark on the island of Amager in Copenhagen. It was founded on April 1, 1997 with the merger of Skt. Elisabeth Hospital and Sundby Hospital. Administratively, Amager Hospital is maintained by Region Hovedstaden.

The hospital is a teaching hospital for medical students from Copenhagen University.

Areas of expertise[edit]

Amager Hospital encompasses the following specialties:

Amager Hospital does not technically have a psychiatric department, as this is administratively located under Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri, though physically located at Amager Hospital.

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