Amai Unmei

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"Amai Unmei"
Single by Ua
Released February 21, 1997 (1997-02-21)
Format CD single, vinyl
Recorded 1997
Genre R&B, pop
Length 16:09
Label Speedstar Records
Writer(s) Ua, Hirofumi Asamoto, Osamu Yoshioka, Toshio Kawamura
Producer(s) Hirofumi Asamoto
Ua chronology
"Kumo ga Chigireru Toki"
"Amai Unmei"
"Kanashimi Johnny"
Alternative covers
12" vinyl cover

"Amai Unmei" (甘い運命?) is Japanese singer-songwriter Ua's seventh single, released on February 21, 1997. It was used in Kanebō cosmetics T'Estimo II commercials.

"Amai Unmei" is Ua's highest selling single. It debuted with 43,920 units sold at #18 on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart and later peaked at #10, becoming first top 10 entry and highest charting single.[1] Despite the success of the single, "Amai Unmei" was not included in Ua's second album "Ametora". It was included for the first time in an album on Ua's first compilation Illuminate: The Very Best Songs. In 1998, an English-language version was recorded by the then-duo Double for their single "For Me".

"Amai Unmei" features a cover of Chiga Kahoru's 1969 hit "Mayonaka no Guitar".

Track listing[edit]


No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Amai Unmei" (甘い運命 "Sweet Destiny") Ua Hirofumi Asamoto 5:23
2. "Mayonaka no Gitā" (真夜中のギター "Midnight Guitar") Osamu Yoshioka Toshio Kawamura 5:13
3. "Amai Unmei (Instrumental)"     Asamoto 5:23
Total length:


Side A
No. Title Length
1. "Amai Unmei"    
2. "Amai Unmei (Aloha Pro Mix)"    
3. "Amai Unmei (Aloha Instrumental)"    
Side B
No. Title Length
1. "Mayonaka no Guitar"    
2. "Mayonaka no Guitar (Instrumental)"    

Charts, certifications and sales[edit]

Chart (1997) Peak
(sales thresholds)
Japan Oricon Weekly Singles Chart[1] 10 Gold 327,070[1]
Japan Oricon Yearly Singles Chart[2] 94


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