Amaknak Island

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Amaknak Island is located in Alaska
Amaknak Island
Location in Alaska

Amaknak Island or Umaknak Island (Aleut: Amaxnax̂)[1] is an islet of the Fox Islands archipelago of the Aleutian Islands, in the Aleutians West Census Area of southwestern Alaska.


Amaknak Island is located northeast of Unalaska Island, in Unalaska Bay.

The island's land area is 3.3 sq.mi. (8.5 km2).


It is the most populous of all the islands of the Aleutians chain.

The Dutch Harbor area of the city of Unalaska is located on Amaknak Island. The island's population was 2,524 as of the 2000 census, comprising almost 59 percent of the city of Unalaska's population.[2]

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Coordinates: 53°54′37″N 166°32′12″W / 53.91028°N 166.53667°W / 53.91028; -166.53667