Amal Aden

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Amal Aden
Born 1983 (age 33–34)
Northern Somalia
Residence Hønefoss, Norway
Occupation Author, interpreter, lecturer
Known for Author and lecturer
Notable work Se oss (2008), ABC i integrering (2009), Min drøm om frihet (2009)
Website Amal Aden

Amal Aden (born 1983) is the pseudonym of a SomaliNorwegian writer. She is working as an author and lecturer. Amal Aden is substitute member of the Norwegian Press Complaints Commission and she has been a contributor to the newspaper Dag og Tid since January 2013.

Early and personal life[edit]

Aden was born in northern Somalia, and became an orphan at the age of four. She was illiterate, and immigrated to Norway through family reunification[1] as a thirteen-year-old in 1996, after living as a street child for seven years.[2] She struggled at first with the meeting of another culture, child protection and other public services which she claims were unable to help her. She ended up in the drug environment in the Oslo city district of Grønland, and lived on the streets of the same city periodically.[3]

Today however, she is self-employed and works as an interpreter for the police, schools and other instances, as well as being an advisor and lecturer for municipalities and other instances.[2] She is the mother of two twins and since 2002 she has lived in Hønefoss.

Career as writer[edit]

Amal Aden published her first book in 2008 and has published several books since. She has received several awards, first of them Zola-prisen (a Norwegian prize named after the French writer and intellectual Émile Zola) in 2010 for her work with immigration and integration issues.

Honours and recognitions[edit]


Aden is the author of several books:[2]

  • Se oss: bekymringsmelding fra en ung norsksomalisk kvinne. Aschehoug (2008)
  • ABC i integrering: 111 gode råd om hvordan alle kan bli fullverdige borgere i det norske samfunnet. Aschehoug (2009)
  • Min drøm om frihet: En selvbiografisk fortelling. Aschehoug (2009)


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