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For other uses, see Amalia (disambiguation).
Amalia Rodrigues -Portugese fado-zangeres- op Schiphol (1964).jpg
Amália Rodrigues, a Portuguese singer and cultural icon, 1964.
Pronunciation /əˈmɑːliə/
Gender Female
Name day 10 July (Greece)
Language(s) Germanic
Meaning "labour"
Other names
Variant form(s) Amalie, Amalka, Amelia, Amélie

Amalia is a female given name. It is a cross-cultural name found all over the world.

It is derived from the Germanic word amal meaning "work, activity", specifically the woman's name Amalberga.[1][2][3] Its popularity is attributed to the Belgian Saint Amalberga of Maubeuge. The origins of the name Amalia have often been erroneously associated with those of Emilia and Emily, both of which in fact originate from the Latin nomen Aemilia. In Greece, the name is celebrated on 10 July in honour of Saint Amalia.

Amalia name was popular among early Zionist pioneers. Amalia name has several variants, including Amelia in English, Amélie in French, Amalie in German, and Amalka, a diminutive form of the name used in Slavic languages.[4]


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