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Amalie Winter was a pen name used by Amalie von Gross (1802–1879), a poet and novelist of Weimar, Germany.

Her maiden name is recorded as being von Seebach.

In early life, she became acquainted with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and her taste and mind were formed under his influence. At the age of twenty-seven, her writing appeared as contributions to a popular Weimar journal Chaos (1829-1832). In 1838, she published "Pictures of German life" and afterwards novelettes; "Pictures of Women," Recollections of a Berlin Doll. For children between the ages 5–10 and for their mothers. Illustrated."(1840) "Recollections of a Leaden Soldier. For children between the ages 8-10. Illustrated"(1840) "Fairy tales of Nature" and "The Diadem and Scepter". She wrote a great many works for children and poems. She also translated English works of Lady Blessington (1841), Charles Dickens (1841) and Thomas De Quincey (1840) into German.


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