Amanda Congdon

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Amanda Congdon
Amanda Congdon 2007.jpg
Born (1981-08-04) August 4, 1981 (age 34)
New York City
Notable work Rocketboom

Amanda Congdon was a video blogger. She began her on-screen career as the first anchor of the online daily news show, Rocketboom, which she hosted and produced until 23 June 2006.

Involvement with Rocketboom[edit]

Congdon began as Rocketboom's anchor with the show's 26 October 2004 debut.

The show went from an initial 700 viewers in 2004 to 70,000 viewers in the first ten months. BusinessWeek labeled it "the most popular site of its kind on the Net".[1] More viewers visited Rocketboom after an 11 June 2006 interview with Congdon on CNN.[2] Rocketboom's audience continued to increase, going from 100,000 vlog viewers at the end of 2005 to 300,000 by the spring of 2006.

Departure from Rocketboom[edit]

On 5 July 2006, Congdon released a video statement on her blog, announcing her departure from the show.[3] Andrew Baron, majority stakeholder of Rocketboom, stated she was leaving the show to "pursue opportunities ... in Hollywood"[4] and Joanne Colan stepped in as Congdon's replacement.