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Amanda Hess
OccupationJournalist, writer

Amanda Hess is an American journalist who has written for magazines including Wired, ESPN, and Elle. As of February 2016, she was a staff writer for Slate and also a contributor to the New York Times Magazine.[1][2][3] In March 2016, she was named one of three inaugural David Carr Fellowship recipients at the New York Times.[4] She is known for her widely discussed 2014 article in Pacific Standard, "Why Women Aren't Welcome on the Internet,"[5][6] which detailed her and other women's experiences as victims of misogynistic online harassment.[7] Conor Friedersdorf wrote in the Atlantic that Hess's article was "persuasive in arguing that the online threats of violence are pervasive and have broad implications in a digital society."[8] Hess won The Sidney Hillman Foundation's February 2014 Sidney Award for her Pacific Standard essay.[9] The essay also won the 2015 American Society of Magazine Editors Public Interest Award.[10]


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