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Amanda MacKay is a female model, television host, and journalist. She has been a host for MTV Canada, G4techTV, and GameTrailers TV on Spike TV.


Currently residing in the Los Angeles area, MacKay grew up in the Vancouver, British Columbia suburb of Coquitlam, where she attended Sir Fredrick Banting Junior Secondary School and was chosen as a finalist for a modelling competition with Seventeen magazine. She also attended and wrote for the Centennial School newspaper. There she graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology with a degree in broadcast journalism and began her career as co-host of MTV Canada's flagship series Select. She went on to host and segment produce the "TRL" style show for seven seasons.

In addition to Select, while at MTV Canada, MacKay hosted and produced the network's only other original program, World Chart Express, a weekly show that highlighted music from around the globe. She is also the face of MTV Networks' GT Weekly.

Regarded as an expert in video game journalism, MacKay previously hosted the news show Pulse on G4techTV, and currently writes a gaming and tech article for Soak Magazine. She is also the host of Hardcore Candy, an all girls' action sports show syndicated worldwide, and co-host for various original shows, such as GTTV with Geoff Keighley.

MacKay's interests and journalistic contributions are not restricted to video games. She currently hosts segments for Spike TV web site - covering everything from the Sundance Film Festival to the Adult Entertainment Expo. Fans also recognize MacKay as the host of season three of "Hardcore Candy," an all-girls action sports show syndicated worldwide. Additionally, she has been featured on segments of "Kurt the Cyber Guy," co-hosted Fuel TV's "Design for Humanity" special and the Arby's Action Sports Awards seen on Fox Sports and Fuel as well as guest-hosted for "Entertainment Tonight Canada."

When not busy hosting and producing, MacKay likes to work in front of the camera as an actress. Recent roles include "The 4400" on USA Network and the independent feature Rebuy. Other highlights of the past year include posing for Pinups for Pups - a charity calendar that benefits animal shelters - and being featured for the second time in UMM Magazine.

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