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Amanda White (born January 15, 1964 in Kitchener, Ontario) is a Canadian producer. She is a partner in iam8bit,[1] a production company, marketing boutique and artist collective, along with Jon M. Gibson.[2]


White began her film career in 1996 working under producer Chris Moore on the Academy Award-winning film Good Will Hunting. After relocating to Los Angeles from Toronto in 1997, she produced several short films for the Sundance Channel.[3] White's documentary producing career began in 2000 with Long Gone,[4] an award-winner at film festivals worldwide.[5] In 2006, she produced Chris Moore’s directorial debut, Kill Theory, and in 2010 she produced I'm Still Here, the Joaquin Phoenix documentary/mockumentary.[6]

White joined iam8bit in late 2009, and is currently a partner and producer.

2010 Lawsuit[edit]

In 2010, White sued actor Casey Affleck for sexual harassment. White and another colleague, Magdalena Górka, filed a civil suit for sexual harassment, among other claims.[dubious ] Affleck denied the allegations and threatened countersuits, but eventually agreed to mediation and settled both cases out of court.



  • When Did Social Gaming Get So Lame? (2011) producer. Boardroom satire featuring venture capitalist icon David Hornik. Produced by [iam8bit.
  • Save the Unicorn Parade (2011) producer. PSA satire starring Rachael Leigh Cook. Produced by iam8bit
  • Mega Man Universe Teaser Trailer (2010)[7] producer. A live-action/stop-motion hybrid teaser trailer for Mega Man Universe. Produced by iam8bit, in conjunction with Buddy System Studios, for Capcom Entertainment
  • 'Lost' Mega Man 10 Commercial (2010)[8] producer. A "faux" commercial for Mega Man 10, posed as an archival discovery from the 1980s. Produced by iam8bit for Capcom Entertainment.


  • SUPER iam8bit: More Art Inspired by Classic Videogames of the 80s (2011) ISBN 978-1-60887-000-4, a follow-up collection of the iam8bit exhibition's best pieces from the years 2006-2010. Foreword by Kevin Pereira. Co-authored with Jon M. Gibson, Taylor Harrington and Nick Ahrens.


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