Amandine (dessert)

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Amandine cake.jpg
TypeLayered cake
Place of originRomania
Region or stateRomania
Main ingredientsCaramel/chocolate layers, chocolate with caramel and fondant cream

Amandine is a Romanian chocolate layered cake filled with chocolate with caramel and fondant cream. Almond cream is sometimes used.[1][2] As most Romanian cakes, they can be cut and served in 1-serving miniature cakes or as a big cake. They are among the most traditional "sweetshop" cakes in Romania. The original recipe has layers made out of a fine caramel syrup, flour, cocoa and egg-based dough with a dash of rum or rum essence. The layers are heavy with syrup that also has a dash of caramel and a dash of rum or rum essence. The cream between the layers is a combination of chocolate buttercream mixed with fondant. The setting of the cake is layer, cream, layer, cream, layer, glaze. The glaze is specific to this cake, and it is a combination of fondant with chocolate and rum or rum essence, poured over the cake while still slightly liquid. These cakes have also a traditional decoration on top with a little bit of the cream and a diamond-shaped piece of thin chocolate.[3]


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