Amandus Ivančič

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Amandus Ivančič (fl. mid-18th-century) was a Slovenian composer. Little is known about him, save that he appears to have been active in Austria and in the present-day Czech Republic and Slovakia. According to New Grove, in 1758, he was a Pauline monk in the Maria-Trost monastery near Graz. There are several variant spellings of his surname (Ivanschitz; Ivanschicz; Ivancsics; Ivanschütz; Ivantzitz; Ivanczitz). He wrote sonatas for flute, viola, and basso continuo as well as symphonies.

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  • Six sonatas a tre for flute, viola, and basso continuo, c1982
  • Two symphonies, them. index F1, D9, 1985
  • New Grove
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