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Kushite King of Meroe
Reign late 2nd century AD
Predecessor Aritenyesbokhe
Successor Teritedakhatey
Born 1st century AD
Died 2nd century AD
Burial Pyramid Beg. N 28 at Meroë
Full name
Dynasty Meroitic

Amanikhareqerem was a King of Kush who ruled towards during the 2nd century AD [1] or possibly earlier.

Until recently not much was known about Amanikhareqerem. His name only appeared on two ram figures and an object found at Napata.

Welsby places Amanikhareqerem after King Aritenyesbokhe and before King Teritedakhatey.[1]

In recent years new excavations at Naqa provided more evidence for him. In 1998, a sandstone medallion with his name was found and recently a temple decoration with his name was excavated at the same place. The new evidence points to a date in the 1st century AD for this ruler and not in the 2nd century AD as previously thought.


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