Saproamanita nauseosa

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Saproamanita nauseosa
Amanita nauseosa 328140.jpg
Scientific classification
S. nauseosa
Binomial name
Saproamanita nauseosa
(Wakef.) Redhead, Vizzini, Drehmel & Contu (2016)
  • Amanita nauseosa (Wakef.) D.A.Reid (1966)
  • Lepiota nauseosa Wakef. (1918)
  • Aspidella nauseosa (Wakef.) Vizzini & Contu (2012)[1]

Saproamanita nauseosa is a species of agaric fungus in the family Amanitaceae. First described by English mycologist Elsie Maud Wakefield in 1918 as a species of Lepiota, it was named for its nauseating odor. The type specimen was found growing on soil in the Nepenthes greenhouse at Kew Gardens.[3] Derek Reid transferred the species to Amanita in 1966,[4] and then in 2016 the separate genus Saproamanita was created by Redhead et al. for saprophytic Amanitas and it was transferred to this new genus.[5]

The fungus is found in Australia, and the Caribbean region of North America.[6]

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