Saproamanita vittadinii

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Saproamanita vittadinii
Amanita vittadini.jpg
Saproamanita vittadinii in grass in Italy
Scientific classification
S. vittadinii
Binomial name
Saproamanita vittadinii
(Moretti) (Moretti) Redhead, Vizzini, Drehmel & Contu (2016)
  • Agaricus vittadinii Moretti
  • Aspidella vittadinii (Moretti) E.-J. Gilbert
  • Lepidella vittadinii (Moretti) E.-J. Gilbert
  • Amanita vittadinii (Moretti) Vittad.
Saproamanita vittadinii
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Mycological characteristics
gills on hymenium
cap is convex
hymenium is free
stipe has a volva
spore print is white
ecology is saprotrophic
edibility: unknown

Saproamanita vittadinii or Amanita vittadinii, commonly known as the Vittadini's lepidella, is a European saprophyte mushroom often classified in the genus Amanita and more recently in the genus Saproamanita.[2] Unlike ordinary Amanitas, this species is known to occur without accompanying woody plant symbionts.[3] It has a general aspect somewhat between Macrolepiota and Armillaria, but it is characterized by a pure white colour overall (whilst those genera are brownish) and by the squamous (scaly) covering of cap and stipe.[4][5]


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