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Amano Artisan Chocolate
HeadquartersOrem, Utah
Key people
Art Pollard, Clark Goble

Amano Artisan Chocolate is an American bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer based in Orem, Utah. Amano’s award winning[1][2] chocolate bars are made in small batches on vintage equipment, which allows the artisan chocolate maker to control and observe flavor development during each stage of manufacture. Amano’s chocolate making has evolved from Italian and French confectionery techniques. The company employs high proportions of cocoa (70%) in their chocolate, using bean from South and Central America as well as Africa and Oceania. The factory is located at a higher altitude than most other chocolate factories in the world [3](Orem, Utah: 4,774 ft / 1,455 m). The company claims that the high altitude affects flavor development during conching, and aids in the development of the taste of the chocolate. Amano is kosher-dairy certified by the Denver-based Scroll K kashrus agency.


Amano Artisan Chocolate was founded by Art Pollard and Clark Goble in 2006, in Orem, Utah.


Amano is distinguished as being the first American company at the Academy of Chocolate Awards to claim a Gold award, for bean-to-bar dark chocolate.[4] Renowned Italian chocolate manufacturer Amedei is a fellow recipient of the Gold award in the bean-to-bar category. In 2009 Martin Christy, founder member of the Academy of Chocolate and editor of, named Amano as one of the top eight bean-to-bar chocolate companies in the world.[5] Amano is the only American company to make Christy's list.

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