Amar Singh Thapa

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Shree Bada Kaaji
Amar Singh Thapa
श्री बडाकाजी
अमर सिँह थापा
Amar Singh Thapa Badakaji.jpg
Portrait of Amar Singh Thapa
Western Commander of Nepali Army
Personal details
Born 1751 A.D. (1808 B.S.)
Gorkha District
Died Gosain Kunda, Rasuwa District
Children Ranadhoj Thapa, Ranajor Singh Thapa, Narsingh Thapa, Ramdas Singh Thapa
Father Bagh Bhim Singh Thapa[1]
Military service
Nickname(s) Bada Kaaji
Allegiance    Nepal
Rank General
Battles/wars Anglo-Nepalese war, reinforced at 2nd Nepal Tibet war

Amar Singh Thapa (नेपाली: अमरसिँह थापा) (Bada)[note 1] was commander of Nepal Army in the conquest of Western Provinces.[2] He belonged to Bagale Thapa clan.[1] His eldest son Ranadhoj Thapa was deputy to Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa sharing the authority.[3]


Amar Singh's statue with quote (translit.Ma Bagh ko damaru hu, malai sino khaney kukur nasamjha (transl. I am a cub of tiger, don't mistake me with a carcass eating dog.)




  1. ^ Bada Kaaji Amar Singh Thapa was distinguished from Sardar Amar Singh Thapa, PM Bhimsen's father, by terms Bada and Sanu meaning greater and lesser.



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