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Amarillo Venom
Founded 2003
League Intense (2004)
af2 (2005–2009)
IFL (2010–2011)
LSFL (2012–2014)
CIF (2015–present)
Division Midwest (2005–2006)
Central (2007–2009)
Lonestar West (2010)
Lonestar (2011)
Southern (2016–present)
Team history Amarillo Dusters (2004–2009)
Amarillo Venom (2010–present)
Based in Amarillo, Texas
Arena Amarillo Civic Center
Colors Black, Red, Tan, White
Owner(s) Stephanie Tucker
Head coach Julian Reese
Championships 3 (2004 Intense, 2012 LSFL, 2013 LSFL)
Division titles 3 (2004 Intense, 2010 IFL, 2012 LSFL)
Dancers Venom Vixens

The Amarillo Venom are a professional indoor football team in the Champions Indoor Football league. The Venom began play in 2004 as the Amarillo Dusters, a charter member of the Intense Football League, a small indoor football league based in Texas. They won the championship in their first and only season with the IFL. The following year, under the direction of GM Warren McCarty, the Dusters became the first team to leave the Intense Football League and join the af2, where they played for four seasons until the af2's folding in 2009. At that point, the team held a fan vote as to whether to join their af2 brethren in the new Arena Football 1 (now the Arena Football League) or enjoy numerous Texas rivalries in the Indoor Football League. On October 9, 2009, it was announced that, because of a 65-35 percent margin in the fan vote, the Dusters would be moving to the Indoor Football League for the 2010 season. The team plays their home games at Amarillo Civic Center.

The team was featured on an episode of Only in America, a show that airs on the Discovery Times channel.

On December 21, 2008 the Dusters introduced a new color scheme for the team. The new colors were revealed as Crimson, Grey, and Black.[1]

It was announced on January 28, 2010 that the Dusters would have to be renamed, because the Arena Football League owns the rights to the Dusters name and logo. On February 8, the new Amarillo Venom name and logo was unveiled.

In 2014, after completing their 3rd season in the Lone Star Football League (LSFL), the Venom became a part of Champions Indoor Football (CIF) in a merger with the Champions Professional Indoor Football League (CPIFL).


Amarillo Dusters (2004-2009)[edit]

Expansion championship (2004)[edit]

The Amarillo Dusters finished their only season in the Intense Football League with a 13-3 record en route to a league championship. GM Warren McCarty and Coach Don Carthel lead the Dusters to the cup as they defeated the Lubbock Lone Stars.[2] The Dusters would abandon their spot in the IFL to play in the af2.

Move to af2 (2005)[edit]

In their first year in the af2, the Amarillo Dusters reached the playoffs with an 8-8 record, which was good enough for a wildcard. The Dusters, managed by Warren McCarty, coached by Steve Perdue, and quarterbacked by Julian Reese, came from 21 points down at the start of the 4th quarter to quiet the Cox Convention Center crowd to win Round 1 over the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz. The Dusters fell in Round 2 to the eventual-af2 champion Memphis Xplorers.

2006 season[edit]

The Dusters tried to build on the moderate success they had in 2005. However, in 2006, the team suffered many injuries and failed to make it to the af2 playoffs. Quarterback Steve Panella was injured early in the season, forcing numerous backups to take the job. The Dusters then lost receivers. They ended the season with a 4–12 record. Carthel would take the head coaching job at West Texas A&M 2 games into the first Dusters af2 season.

2007 season[edit]

Steve Perdue took over the Head Coaching job and lead the team playoffs and a first round victory over the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgs. Looking to rebound after the previous losing season, injuries plagued the Dusters' offense. After a win against the Lubbock Renegades the Dusters struggled for the remainder of the year but were still able end the Quincy Carter-led Bossier-Shreveport Battle Wings' perfect season with a 51–49 upset.

2008 season[edit]

Death of Donte Newsome[edit]

On July 5, 2008, Dusters running back Donte Newsome was shot to death outside of a nightclub in Huntington, West Virginia, home of his alma mater Marshall University.[3]

On The Field[edit]

Under the leasdership of Head Coach Chris MacKeown, coaching a team put together by former GM and Player Personnel Director Warren McCarty, the Amarillo Dusters went 10-9 in 2008, and played for the af2 National Conference ArenaCup Finals. Following the Dusters most successful season, in their af2 history, MacKeown stepped up to AFL as the offensive coordinator for John Elway's Colorado Crush.

Amarillo Venom (2010-present)[edit]

Moving to the IFL (2010-2011)[edit]

With the af2 breaking up and its larger market teams moving to Arena Football 1, the Dusters were forced to find a new league. Owner Randy Sanders applied for his team's spot in the Indoor Football League (IFL),[4] and they were accepted as an expansion franchise.[5]

2011 season[edit]

Move to the LSFL (2012-present)[edit]

For the 2012 season, the Venom will play in the Lone Star Football League (LSFL).[6] In their inaugural season in the LSFL they won the 2012 championship. Under the leadership of Quarterback Nate Davis and Coach Julian Reese, the Venom finished the 2013 season with a 9-3 record. In the playoffs, the finished off the Abilene Bombers, 70-40.

Back-to-back championships (2013)[edit]

On July 13, 2013, they faced off against the Laredo Rattlesnakes, where they won 70-69. Davis won the MVP of the Game.[7]


Season W L T Finish Playoff results
Amarillo Dusters (Intense)
2004 13 3 0 1st League Won Round 1 (S.A. Stampede 41-29)
Won Intense Bowl I (L. Lone Stars 62-47)
Amarillo Dusters (af2)
2005 8 8 0 4th NC Midwest Won NC Round 1 (Oklahoma City 59-56)
Lost Semifinals (Memphis 71-30)
2006 4 12 0 5th NC Midwest --
2007 3 13 0 4th NC Central --
2008 8 8 0 3rd NC Central Won NC Round 1 (Tulsa 65-62)
Won NC Semifinals (Bossier-Shreveport 59-45)
Lost NC Championship (Spokane 79-49)
2009 3 13 0 3rd NC Central --
Amarillo Venom (IFL)
2010 11 3 0 1st IC Lonestar West Won IC Round 1 (West Texas 56-36)
Lost IC Semifinals (Arkansas 46-31)
2011 4 10 0 3rd Lonestar --
Amarillo Venom (LSFL)
2012 10 4 0 1st League Won Round 1 (West Texas 56-42)
Won Lone Star Bowl I (Rio Grande Valley 62-40)
2013 7 5 0 2nd League Won LSFL Semifinals (Abilene 70-42)
Won Lone Star Bowl II (Laredo 70-69)
2014 5 7 0 -- --
Amarillo Venom (CIF)
2015 7 5 0 6th League Lost Semifinals (Sioux City 83-52)
Totals 93 94 0 (including playoffs)

Notable players[edit]


Amarillo Venom roster
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Running Backs

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Wide Receivers

  • Currently vacant
Offensive Linemen
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Defensive Linemen

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Defensive Backs

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Injured Reserve
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Exempt List

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Rookies in italics
Roster updated September 1, 2015
0 Active, 0 Inactive

More rosters

Awards and honors[edit]

Season Player Position Award
2014 Nate Davis Quarterback LSFL Championship MVP


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