Amarna letter EA 366

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Amarna letter EA 366 is from the king of Gath to the king of Egypt. The letter reports of the king having smote down the uprising of the Habiru.[1]

The letter begins with an address which is thought typical of the usual beginning of reportage of intelligence.[2]

The Habiru/'Apiru[edit]


The mention of the Habiru shows the conflict of the time, as the takeover of city-states or regions by the Habiru. The map shows various cities and regions, and their respective dealings with the Habiru. (There are only 3 letters from Labaya of Šakmu/Shechem.) The next closest mention of the Habiru is from the Jerusalem letters of Abdi-Heba, directly south at Jerusalem, letters EA 286, 287, 288, 289, and EA 290.

Spellings for Habiru in the Amarna letters[edit]


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