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This article is about the Book of Mormon figure. For the Filipino Mythological figure, see Ama-ron.
Amaron should not be confused with Ammaron, Ammoron, or Amoron, three other Book of Mormon figures with similar names.

According to the Book of Mormon, Amaron (/əˈm.rɑːn/[1]) was a Nephite record keeper, who received the Plates of Nephi from his father Omni in 279 BC. He wrote verses four through eight in the Book of Omni, telling that a large portion of the Nephite civilization was destroyed, in fulfillment of prophecy. According to his brother Chemish, Amaron wrote his section in the day that he delivered the plates to Chemish. His brother Chemish succeeded him as the keeper of the Book of Mormon record.

4 And now I, Amaron, write the things whatsoever I write, which are few, in the book of my father.
5 Behold, it came to pass that three hundred and twenty years had passed away, and the more wicked part of the Nephites were destroyed.
6 For the Lord would not suffer, after he had led them out of the land of Jerusalem and kept and preserved them from falling into the hands of their enemies, yea, he would not suffer that the words should not be verified, which he spake unto our fathers, saying that: Inasmuch as ye will not keep my commandments ye shall not prosper in the land.
7 Wherefore, the Lord did visit them in great judgment; nevertheless, he did spare the righteous that they should not perish, but did deliver them out of the hands of their enemies.
8 And it came to pass that I did deliver the plates unto my brother Chemish.[2]


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Preceded by
Nephite record keeper of the small plates
317 B.C. - Sometime after 279 B.C.
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