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Amarsar is a town in Jaipur district, Rajasthan, India.[1] Its distance from Jaipur is 61 km. Its elevation is 509 meters above sea level. Its pin code is 303601.

It was the capital of the historical Shekhawati Principality.


Amarsar has farms ranging in size from small to large. Crops raised by small farms include mustard and gram in the rabi season (planted in winter and harvested in spring) and cotton in the kharif season (between April and October, during the rainy monsoon season). Crops raised by large farms include gram and wheat during the rabi season and guar and cotton during the kharif season.[1]


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Coordinates: 27°22′19″N 75°49′55″E / 27.372°N 75.832°E / 27.372; 75.832