Amarte es mi Pecado

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Amarte es mi Pecado
Genre Telenovela
Created by Liliana Abud
Written by Jaime García Estrada
Orlando Merino
Directed by Benjamín Cann
Starring Yadhira Carrillo
Sergio Sendel
Alessandra Rosaldo
Sylvia Pasquel
Alexis Ayala
René Casados
Theme music composer Ricardo Montaner
Opening theme Amarte es mi Pecado Alessandra Rosaldo
Ricardo Montaner
Ending theme Aun Asi
Alessandra Rosaldo
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 95
Executive producer(s) Ernesto Alonso
Producer(s) Luis Miguel Barona
Running time 45 minutes
Original channel Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format Color
Original release January 5, 2004 – May 14, 2004
Preceded by Velo de novia
Followed by Rubí
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Amarte es mi Pecado (My Love, My Sin) is a Mexican telenovela that was transmitted in 2004. It is a production of Ernesto Alonso and the protagonists are Yadhira Carrillo, Alessandra Rosaldo and Sergio Sendel.


In the city of Patzcuaro lives Leonora "nora" (Yadhira Carrillo), a beautiful woman full of illusions. She is envied by the women and admired by the men, but she only has eyes for Alfredo, a young and daring man with no resources. Her father, Jacobo, insists continuously that she should marry a rich and important man. Nora, as to not upset him due to his health, keeps her relationship with Alfredo a secret. But after the death of Jacobo, Nora suffers a great disappointment when her stepmother Isaura sells her to the richest man in Patzcuaro - Heriberto.

In defense of her honor, Nora wounds Heriberto, but he does not press charges against her as not to raise any scandals. But due to the pressure of the gossip among the neighbors, she moves to Morelia with her aunt Alejandra.

In Morelia, Nora meets Arturo (Sergio Sendel), and the two surrender themselves in body and soul. Arturo loves her, but he has to go to a foreign country where they are offering him the dream job: to become a commercial airline pilot. Arturo promises that he will come back and marry Nora, which makes Nora happy and she prepares the wedding behind the back of her aunt Alejandra.

Meanwhile, Arturo meets Paulina (Alessandra Rosaldo), a journalist. They become good friends, but after a night of drinking they discover that they slept with each other, but they have to part due to uneludible compromises. Upon her return to Mexico, Paulina tells her fiancé Juan Carlos what happened. He is very understanding and insists that they should go on with the plans for the wedding, but Paulina has her doubts, she has fallen in love with Arturo.

Nora discovers she is pregnant, expecting an Arturo's child, but before she can tell him, Arturo gets a call from Paulina informing him that she is also pregnant. The feeling of responsibility obliges Arturo to tell Nora what happened. She feels betrayed and does not tell Arturo about her pregnancy and decides to raise her child alone and dedicate herself completely to him. But when the baby is born, Nora's stepmother Isaura gives the baby to Casilda, Nora's ugly cousin who later turns out to be her half sister, and who Nora believes that she is the godmother of this baby that is supposedly Casilda's. But destiny, instead, has taught her how cruel it could be.

Completely destroyed, Nora swears she will never fall in love again and remakes her life with one objective: to use her beauty to take revenge and to exploit men. Now a hard and coldhearted woman she is determined to make a fortune from whomever she meets and to find a way, at any cost, to take revenge on Arturo, the man she wants to hate with all her soul but cannot stop loving, because loving him will be her sin.



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