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Saraydüzü Casern in Amasya (currently undergoing reconstruction) where Amasya Circular was prepared and telegraphed across Turkey

Amasya Circular (Turkish: Amasya Genelgesi or Amasya Tamimi) was a joint circular issued on 22 June 1919 in Amasya, Sivas Vilayet by Fahri Yaver-i Hazret-i Şehriyari ("Honorary Aide-de-camp to His Majesty Sultan") Mirliva Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (Inspector of the Third Army Inspectorate), Rauf Orbay (former Naval Minister), Miralay Refet Bele (Commander of the III Corps stationed at Sivas) and Mirliva Ali Fuat Cebesoy (Commander of the XX Corps stationed at Ankara). And during the whole meeting, Ferik Cemal Mersinli (Inspector of the Second Army Inspectorate) and Mirliva Kâzım Karabekir (Commander of the XV Corps stationed at Erzurum) were consulted with telegraphs.[1]

This circular is considered as the first written document putting the Turkish War of Independence in motion.

The circular, distributed across Anatolia, declared Turkey's independence and integrity to be in danger and called for a national conference to be held in Sivas (Sivas Congress) and before that, for a preparatory congress comprising representatives from the eastern provinces of Anatolia to be held in Erzurum in July (Erzurum Congress).


  • 1.The unity and the independence of the nation is at great risk.
  • 2.The government of the Istanbul can't deal with the responsibility they take, the situation made our nation look like gone.
  • 3.Independence of the nation can be saved only by determination and faith of it.
  • 4.To reach the nations purposes and to defend the people's rights, we must have a national committee free of restraint and inspection.
  • 5.We will be having congress in the Sivas which is the safest place in any case.
  • 6.For this purpose by the community of Müdafaa-i Hukuk and Redd-i İlhak three people from every province will be selected as representative.
  • 7. In any case the representatives must not use their real identities on the road and this circular must be kept as a national secret.
  • 8.For the east side cities at July 10th there will be a congress at Erzurum .Until that date if the other representatives can reach Sivas the ones in east cities will move to Sivas.


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  • Kemal Toker

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