Amateur's Guide to Love

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(The) Amateur's Guide to Love
Created by Merrill Heatter & Bob Quigley
Presented by Gene Rayburn
Narrated by Kenny Williams
Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes ~65
Running time 30 Minutes
Original channel CBS
Original release March 27 – June 23, 1972

The Amateur's Guide to Love is an American television game show, created by Merrill Heatter and Bob Quigley, that ran on CBS from March 27 to June 23, 1972. Gene Rayburn was the emcee, while Kenny Williams was the announcer.

The theme was written by Mort Garson, of Our Day Will Come fame.

Each episode began with Garson's theme song, set to shots of a van emblazoned with the Amateur's Guide to Love logo driving around southern California, with scenes of men and women falling in love with each other. As the van travels around, host Gene Rayburn sets the scene for the game show:

Afterwards, the show would then cut to the studio, where announcer Kenny Williams would introduce this weeks' panelists ("our guidebook advisors"), and Rayburn.


The show somewhat resembled Candid Camera, a show involving guest celebrities and unsuspecting civilians. These people were involved in a comedy situation, taped on location in Southern California using a hidden camera. The subjects in the particular situation were faced with two choices, one of which they needed to choose, that were somehow related to sex, marriage, or love. A celebrity panel voted upon which choice would have been the smartest, and the civilian who picked that particular decision won merchandise prizes.

Broadcast history[edit]

Amateur's Guide was CBS' first daytime game since the cancellation of To Tell the Truth in September 1968. The series replaced reruns of Gomer Pyle, USMC at 4:00 PM (3:00 Central). However, the show failed to make an impact against Somerset on NBC and daytime rebroadcasts of the popular Love, American Style on ABC. Reruns of the sitcom Family Affair replaced it on June 26.

Later that year, CBS returned with game shows in its daytime lineup on September 4 with The New Price is Right, Gambit, and The Joker's Wild. Rayburn himself would return to CBS in July 1973 with a revival of his hit NBC show, Match Game.

Episode status[edit]

One episode is known to exist. The series is thought to be destroyed, but this is not certain as CBS ceased this practice by September 1972. If Amateur's Guide was wiped, it would have been the last game show treated in this manner by the network.