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The Swimming Union of the Americas is the swimming continental association for the Americas (i.e. it oversees international aquatics competition within North and South America).[1] It is commonly referred to as ASUA in English, or by its Spanish and French acronym, UANA – Unión Americana de Natación (Spanish) or Union américaine de natation (French).

ASUA was founded during the 1948 Olympics in London, UK.


ASUA is divided into 4 Zones, each with its own body which organizes competitions.[2] The bodies that oversees these Zones, are:

Member countries (with FINA abbreviations), by zone:

Zone Confederation Countries
3 USAS (1)   USA (USA)
4 AFC (1)   Canada (CAN)

Note:  Belize (BZE) is also a member of ASUA; however, as of June 2016 it is not (yet) listed as a CCCAN member,[3] the regional confederation they geographically belong to.


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