Amaury I de Montfort

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Amaury I de Montfort
Seigneur of Montfort
PredecessorGuillaume de Montfort
SuccessorSimon I de Montfort
Bornbefore 1010
Diedc. 1053
Noble familyHouse of Montfort
FatherGuillaume de Montfort

Amaury I de Montfort (died c. 1053[1]) was Lord of Montfort, son of Guillaume de Montfort of Hainaut, the first Lord of Montfort. The castle of Montfort l'Amaury, of which he started the construction, was completed by his son Simon I de Montfort, who succeeded him as Lord of Montfort. He married Bertrade.

He and his wife had three children:

  • Simon I de Montfort (died 25 September 1087)
  • Mainier de Montfort, Seigneur d'Épernon (died before 1091)
  • Eva (died 23 Jan 1099), married William Crispin (died 8 January 1074), son of Gilbert I Crispin


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