Amaury VI of Montfort

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Amaury VI de Montfort
Scheffer Henry (1798-1862) - Amaury VI de Montfort.jpg
Amaury VI de Montfort (1192-1241), comte de Leicester en 1218, connétable de France en 1230 by Hendrik Scheffer, 1835
Spouse(s) Beatrix of Viennois
Noble family House of Montfort
Father Simon de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester
Mother Alice of Montmorency
Born 1195
County of Montfort, Kingdom of France
Died 1241
Otranto, Apulia, Kingdom of Sicily

Amaury VI de Montfort (1195–1241) was the son of the elder Simon de Montfort and Alice of Montmorency, and the brother of the younger Simon de Montfort.

Amaury (or Amalric) participated in the Albigensian Crusade under his father's command. He inherited the County of Toulouse (that his father had taken from Raymond VI of Toulouse as a reward for his role in the Crusade) when his father died, he had to give up the territory to King Louis VIII in 1224. In 1230 Amaury became Constable of France, an office previously held by his uncle Mathieu II of Montmorency. In 1239 he participated in the Crusade of 1239 and was taken prisoner after the defeat at Gaza. He was imprisoned in Cairo and was freed in 1241, but died in Otranto that same year while on the journey home.

Amaury was married to Beatrix (1205–1248), daughter of Guigues VI of Viennois, and was the father of: