Amax Engineering

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Amax Engineering
Privately held company
FateOut of business
Defunctafter 1998
ProductsKit aircraft

Amax Engineering was an Australian aircraft manufacturer based in Donvale, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne. When it was in business the company specialized in the design and manufacture of kit aircraft for amateur construction. The company designed and supplied kits and plans for both fixed-wing aircraft and autogyros.[1]


Summary of aircraft built by Amax Engineering
Model name First flight Number built Type
Amax Double Eagle TT Two seat autogyro
Amax Eagle Single seat autogyro
Amax Eagle TT Single seat autogyro
Amax J6 Karatoo Two seat ultralight and light-sport aircraft, designed by Jessie Anglin
Amax Sport 1700 Two seat ultralight aircraft
Amax Vixen 105 Two-seats-in-side-by-side configuration ultralight aircraft


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