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Amazing Computing was a computer magazine devoted to the Amiga computer. It was published by PiM Publications of Fall River, Massachusetts, United States, from 1985 to (sporadically) 1999. Other Amiga publications from PiM include AC's Tech for the Amiga and AC's Guide. The publisher was Don Hicks.

A frequent column in Amazing Computing was "Roomers" by "the Bandito" which offered unsourced rumors, speculation, and inside information regarding developments on the AMIGA scene. These often involved internal problems at Commodore Business Machines, the makers of the AMIGA, and the alleged mismanagement of the company by its executives.

The identity of "the Bandito" was never revealed although the publishers did hint that the writer had actually been several different people over the years. The column was discontinued after the demise of Commodore.

Additional filler was provided by a complete listing of the Fred Fish disks.

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