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AmazingCosmetics is an American-based cosmetics company founded in 1999 with an initial focus on concealers. The company now produces a range of other cosmetics.


AmazingConcealer, the first product from AmazingCosmetics, was developed when friends Lisa Thurman and Sue Katz could not find a satisfactory store-bought concealer.

A then makeup artist Katz was approached by Thurman to start up a cosmetic business together. “When Lisa came to me, I said no one is focusing on concealer,” said Katz, “I was always having trouble with it with my client’s.” [1] Katz and Thurman started Amazing Cosmetics at their kitchen tables[dubious ] in Libertyville in 2000, with $7,000 in seed money.[2]

Soon after the initial launch in 2000, AmazingConcealer was picked up by Bliss Catalog in New York City, followed by Nordstrom coming on as a buyer.[3]

In 2002, Sandy Incardona was brought onto the leadership team to be the Director of Sales and Marketing Worldwide for AmazingCosmetics.

In 2011 the company went global, expanding into Europe and China.[4]

Finances and Operations[edit]

According to Libertyville Review, last year (2012) their (AmazingCosmetics) sales increased by over 45% from the previous year and sales are expected to increase over 54% this year (2013).[5]

  • Lisa Thurman serves as a Co-Founder/Owner of Amazing Cosmetics
  • Sue Katz serves as the COO, Co-Founder/Owner
  • Sandy Incardona serves as the Director of Sales and Marketing


Major AmazingCosmetics Distributors


  • AmazingConcealer

Allure Editor's Choice Award Winner, AmazingConcealer, comes in 20 shades. It is waterproof, so it lasts through any situation.[6]

  • Velvet Liquid Mineral foundation

10 shades to match many skin tones, it is a translucent mineral foundation. It is oil-free, water resistant and intended to be protective to the skin.[7]

  • Anti-Aging Face Primer

Lightweight moisturizer and primer. Including ingredients such as: Cassia Angustifolia, it claims to 'hydrate and protect while smoothing uneven skin texture, leaving the face prepped for makeup application.'[8]


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