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Privately Held
Industry Hotspot and Billing Software
Founded 2001
Founder Jan Eldenmalm
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Area served
Key people
Raj Oruganti, Fredrik Lindgren

AmazingPorts is a Linux-based firewall customised for use as a firewall, captive portal and billing system (Hotspots). The project started in 2001 with the purpose of creating a scalable solution for commercial and free networks.

Common Deployments[edit]

AmazingPorts is mainly deployed as an access control system in private and public networks:

  • Single Hotspot Controller in: Airports, Hotels, private locations and Hospitals
  • Internet cafe solutions (first in Europe[1] to offer 802.11a together with Intel)
  • Property Internet management solution
  • Metro Wifi solutions [2]
  • ADSL to WiFi Roaming [3]


AmazingPorts was created in 2001 with an initial vision of building WiFi networks. Later the company has refocused and now provide its technology to network builders. The company implemented Service Oriented Provisioning in 2002 and was the first to implement 802.11a public hotspots in Europe. During 2009 and 2010 the administrative system was updated significantly.


AmazingPorts implements complex features, all available in the free version except some API functionality


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