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Amazon Marketplace is's fixed-price online marketplace which enables sellers to offer new and used items alongside Amazon's regular offerings. Customers can buy those items directly from third-party sellers. The Marketplace uses's software infrastructure.[1] charges the buyer's credit card and sends his or her payment to the seller, but does not pass along any credit-card information.

The Marketplace is available on Amazon sites in over 60 countries.[2] Some sellers do not ship internationally. Marketplace accounts for the vast majority[clarification needed] of Amazon's third-party sales, which account for 40% (approximately $40 billion) of annual sales.[3]

Sellers may sell their items using either an "Individual Account" or, for an additional monthly subscription fee, a "Professional Seller" account. Individual Accounts may add the "Pro Merchant Option," but Professional Sellers are required to have the "Pro-Merchant Option."

The "Pro Merchant Option" costs $39.99 per month; it eliminates the $0.99 per-item sales fee. Other sales fees are still charged. These consist of a percentage commission fee and a flat-rate closing fee.[4]

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