Amazon Trail II

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Amazon Trail II
Amazon Trail II Cover art.jpg
Cover art
Developer(s)The Adventure Company
SeriesThe Oregon Trail
Platform(s)Windows, Macintosh

Amazon Trail II is a simulation video game developed by The Adventure Company and published by MECC for the Macintosh and Windows.[3] It was released in September 1996.[4] The game is a spin-off of The Oregon Trail.

It is the second video game in the Amazon Trail video game series, succeeding The Amazon Trail and preceding Amazon Trail 3rd Edition.[5]

It was included in a games bundle with the Quantex 5500,[6] and in the Trail Mix Social Studies Bundle with Oregon Trail 3rd Edition and MayaQuest Trail.[7] The Quantex QP6/333 M-1c package also included the game in its software package.[8]


The aim of this educational video game is to teach players about the "culture, ecology, and history of the Amazon River".[5]

The game was donated to the Strong Museum of Play.[9]

The bulk of new content to The Amazon Trail series is not added in this game, but rather to its own sequel The Amazon Trail 3rd Edition: Rainforest Adventures.[10]

Richard D. Thompson was the game's video director.[11]


The game starts with a mysterious incident at the Museum of Ancient Art, which results in the player ending up in the Amazon.[12] Players are then sent to find a local cure to a disease,[13] with the end goal being to reach the city of Vilcabamba.[14]


Featuring "the same gameplay and educational styling"[15] as The Oregon Trail, players take a virtual trip up the South American Amazon a canoe[5] in an interactive learning journey.[16] The game has 3 levels of difficulty.[17] Players receive points by remaining healthy, using their resources wisely, and conversing with characters correctly.[17] The best players have their names put into a high score list.[17] A fishing meter shows how hard the harpoon is thrown when fishing.[17] Tour guides ask the player questions which they must respond to further the game.[17] The game includes four river guides, 17 assignments, and 50 characters.[17]

Critical reception[edit]

Janice Reutter wrote in the Science and Children journal that the game is " an exciting, adventurous journey" with "attractive graphics", "mysterious and intriguing sound effects", and "beautiful 3D...scenes".[17] The Boston Herald favourably compared it to its "pretty simple" and "not very attractive" predecessor Amazon Trail, deeming it a "good buy for families who don't yet have Amazon Trail".[18] Computer Shopper said a software package that included the game was a "great starting point for the first-time buyer".[8] The Washington Post's review included testimony from their "kid software tester" Sarah Phillips, who said that parts of the game could be "pretty neat" or "extremely frustrating".[19] MECC deemed it "one of the most compelling interactive adventures ever".[20] TESL-EJ described it as "wonderful" and "imaginative".[21]


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