Amazon dwarf squirrel

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Amazon Dwarf Squirrel
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia
Family: Sciuridae
Genus: Microsciurus
Species: M. flaviventer
Binomial name
Microsciurus flaviventer
(Gray, 1867)
Microsciurus flaviventer range map.svg
Amazon Dwarf Squirrel range

The Amazon dwarf squirrel or Guianan squirrel (Microsciurus flaviventer) is a small chipmunk-size tree squirrel in the genus Microsciurus and tribe Sciurini found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. It is diurnal and arboreal, coming to ground from time to time. Its diet consists of fruit, the latex of certain trees, and arthropods. It is mostly solitary, but may be found with others feeding on the same tree.

The table below lists the eight recognized subspecies of Microsciurus flaviventer, along with any synonyms associated with each subspecies:[2]

Microsciurus flaviventer taxonomy
Subspecies Authority Synonyms
M. f. flaviventer Gray (1867) manarius
M. f. napi Thomas (1900) avunculus, florenciae
M. f. otinus Thomas (1901) none
M. f. peruanus J. A. Allen (1897) none
M. f. rubrirostris J. A. Allen (1914) rubicollis
M. f. sabanillae Anthony (1922) none
M. f. similis Nelson (1899) none
M. f. simonsi Thomas (1900) none


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