Amazonas Province (Brazil)

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Amazonas Province
Provínicia do Amazonas
Capital Manaus
Languages Portuguese
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Constitutional monarchy
Provincial President
 •  1852-1853 João Batista Figueiredo Tenreiro Aranha (office created)
 •  1889 Manuel Francisco Machado (last)
Historical era 19th century
 •  Established 1850
 •  Disestablished 1889
Currency Real
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Grão-Pará Province
Amazonas (Brazilian state)
A map showing the Empire and its provinces
The Empire of Brazil, c. 1889.

Amazonas Province was one of the provinces of the Empire of Brazil. It was created in 1850 from territory of Grão-Pará Province.

In 1889 it became Amazonas (Brazilian state).