Amazonian Shield

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"Brazilian shield" redirects here. For the highlands in eastern central and southern Brazil, see Brazilian Highlands.
Approximate location of Mesoproterozoic (older than 1.3 Ga) cratons in South America and Africa. The São Luís and the Luis Alves cratonic fragments (Brazil) are shown, but the Arequipa–Antofalla Craton, the Sahara Craton and some minor African cratons are not. Other versions describe the Guiana Shield separated from the Amazonian Shield by a depression.

The Amazonian Shield is a geologic province located in South America. It occupies a large portion of the eastern part of the continent. Smaller areas of Precambrian rocks north and south of the Amazonian Shield are the Guiana Shield, the Rio Apa Craton, and the Río de la Plata Craton. The São Francisco Craton lies to the east.


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