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Studio album by
Released7 March 2008
GenrePop rock, dance-pop, electropop
LanguageUkrainian, English (CZ and SK editions)
LabelEMI (Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria)
ProducerTrevor Fletcher, Ruslana, O. Ksenofontov
Ruslana chronology
Wild Energy
Singles from Amazonka
  1. "Dyka Enerhija"
    Released: July 18, 2006
  2. "Vidlunnja Mirij"
    Released: April, 2008
  3. "Vohon' chy lid"
    Released: June 21, 2008
  4. "Dykyy anhel"
    Released: 2009
  5. "Ya idu za toboiu"
    Released: April 12, 2010

Amazonka (Ukrainian: Амазонка; English: Amazon) is the sixth studio album by Ruslana. The album was released in Eastern Europe, Germany, China and other countries.[1]

The album is based on the book Wild Energy. Lana. In the book, Lana breaks free from the normal cycle of an energy-efficient-gone-wrong future life. Each track is in order to the chapters of the book, conveying the different emotions in what the character and co-characters feel. Ruslana's music has turned to a new electronic/futuristic feel, in keeping with the setting of the book.

About the album[edit]

The people who created this album tend to characterize its original style as pop-fantasy. It's based on hurricane music chapters – the ones which conjure up pictures of fights between Tolkien's orcs and confrontation of Elements of Nature in Carpathians. Lightning, thunderstorm, hurricanes and industrial sounds of terrific fantastic plant – they are regular instruments in songs of "Amazon". But despite the above, the dense commercial sound and modern jagged grooves attribute to the album. These features are common in American charts’ top hits. This is particularly due to the fantastic work completed by American producers Trevor Flercher (director of Hit Factory Criteria studio in Miami) and Egoworks Music. A portion of exotics is in ethnical (rather Balkan) motives and samples. Several authentic instruments sound as though they're not as real but owned to tribes from mystical tales. And the central kernel of this all is, of course, Ruslana's distinctive drive and energy.

On the Czech and Slovak editions of the album, a bonus track is included.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Writer(s) Time
1. "Dyka Enerhija" Ruslana, Roman Bokarev, Mikhail Mishensky, Oleksandr Ksenofontov 04:00
2. "Vidlunnya mrij" Ruslana, R. Bokarev, M. Mishensky, O. Ksenofontov, Karina Yasynova 03:58
3. "My budemo pershi" Ruslana, R. Bokarev, M. Mishensky, O. Ksenofontov, Toma Primak 03:24
4. "Ya idu za toboiu" Ruslana, O. Ksenofontov 04:00
5. "Ty zhyva (Synthetichna)" Ruslana, R. Bokarev, M. Mishensky, O. Ksenofontov 03:37
6. "Vohon' chy lid (Vse ne te)" Ruslana, O. Ksenofontov 02:55
7. "De ty moja ljubov" Ruslana, O. Ksenofontov 03:40
8. "Dykyy anhel" R. Bokarev, M. Mishensky, O. Ksenofontov, K. Yasynova 03:20
9. "Ne dlia prodazhu" R. Bokarev, M. Mishensky, O. Ksenofontov, K. Yasynova 03:19
10. "Yak zmitny maibutie" Ruslana, O. Ksenofontov, T. Primak, K. Yasynova 03:35

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format Catalog #
Ukraine March 7, 2008 EMI Compact disc
Czech Republic April 10, 2008
Slovakia April 17, 2008

Chart performance[edit]

Country Peak
Ukraine (UMKA)[2] 1
Slovakia (IFPI) 26
Czech Republic (IFPI)[3] 29


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