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Amba or AMBA may refer to:


  • Amba Hor, a Christian martyr
  • Amba Sada, also known as Psote, Christian bishop and martyr in Upper Egypt

Given name[edit]

  • Amba, the traditional first name given to the first daughter in the Cochin Royal Family, India
  • Amba (Mahabharata), the eldest daughter of King of Kashi in the Hindu epic
  • Amba Bongo, a writer and advocate for refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Amba Prasad (1860–1950), Indian businessman and philanthropist
  • Sufi Amba Prasad (1858–1919), Indian nationalist and pan-Islamist leader
  • Amba, one of the names of the Hindu goddess Durga
  • Amba Shepherd, Australian singer and songwriter


Other uses[edit]